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Squad : 700 #Cybersecurity and #DevSecOps experts who live and breathe growth and wellbeing

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Reducing the scope for potential attacks and mitigating their impacts are the main cybersecurity issues
Be resilient: choose SQUAD!

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Shorter Time to Market, more agile Information Systems: Switch to DevOps, then add security (DevSecOps).
Be agile: choose SQUAD!

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Confiez-nous vos projets de Build and Run pour sécuriser vos infrastructures IT & OT grâce à l’expertise de

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25 professions
70 clients
1000 missions per year
12 agencies
700 experts

About Squad Switzerland

Squad has experienced “stratospheric” growth since it was founded in 2011, achieving almost 65 million euros in turnover in 2021 and joining the Top 10 specialist Cybersecurity businesses.

Squad supports its key account clients in France, Canada, Australia and Switzerland from its 12 agencies in Paris, Lille, Aix-en-Provence, Sophia Antipolis, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Rennes, Lyon and Nantes in France, Montreal in Canada, Adelaide in Australia and Geneve in Switzerland.

At Squad, quality of life in the workplace isn’t imposed, it’s natural, which is why every team member is selected both for their technical and their soft skills. Commitment to quality of service, team spirit and a collaborative culture are our core values.

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La découverte  Ma découverte de l'API d'OpenAI a marqué le début de mon immersion dans ...

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Data Management avec Apache NIFI

Mickaël DANGLETERRE, Architecte Cloud et DevSecOps vous embarque dans la Data Management avec Apache NIFI.

DevOps D-Day : innovation et perspectives en DevSecOps

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Squad poursuit son développement et obtient une nouvelle reconnaissance de ...

Squad, cabinet de conseil spécialiste en cybersécurité, est reconnu par l’Agence Nationale de la Sécurité ...

Inauguration AppSec Factory

Squad inaugure l'AppSec Factory et renforce son expertise en développement applicatif sécurisé : UX/UI Design, ...

Yoann Moreau, Squad: "each company needs to build a cybersecurity ...

Many companies are still assuming that cybercriminals only target large-scale organizations. Today, threat actors don’t ...

Ansible project : how to contribute ?

Because we find Ansible, just awesome, we would like to share our experience about contributing ...